Even with careful treatment and adherence to the treatment regimen at home, you may experience varicose veins recurrence. If there is recurrence it is usually the development of a new varicosity in a previously normal or minimally diseased vein. The majority of veins that are treated with VENEFIT, or sclerotherapy, remain closed. With phlebectomy, they are physically removed.

Cosmetic treatments: Sclerotherapy is performed by injecting a material directly into the vein that causes irritation and closure of the vein. It is available for people who require treatment of small spider veins and other varicose veins.

The problem is a chronic one and if preventive measures fail to work then more treatment may be necessary. Your vein treatment doctor in Plano TX will work very hard to keep your legs feeling and looking their best.  I encourage you to contact my office to schedule an appointment if you are in need of varicose vein treatment or have questions about your options – 972-612-4730.