Schedule a Telemedicine Appointment

To continue to receive excellent cardiovascular care during the coronavirus pandemic, Harmony Heart Group is offering telemedicine appointments now. During this COVID-19 emergency, you can still meet with your Harmony Heart Group cardiologist via telemedicine.

Telemedicine appointments are virtual meetings that take place on a computer or a smartphone. In such visits, you and your cardiologist can see and talk with each other. We highly recommend that you schedule a telemedicine visit if you need routine cardiac care or are having NON-EMERGENT cardiovascular issues.

To schedule a Telemedicine Appointment during the COVID-19 national emergency:

  • Call our office at (972) 612-4730 and schedule your telemedicine visit with your cardiologist.
  • The staff will walk you through the easy steps needed to schedule your appointment.
  • You can discuss your symptoms and health condition with your Harmony Heart Group cardiologist from the comfort and safety of your home, an excellent option as we cope with the coronavirus crisis.
  • Telemedicine visits are billable visits

Televisit Tips

  • Secure a private location so your cardiologist can speak freely about your health.
  • You need to have a camera ready device. A cell phone with a camera or a desktop/laptop computer with a camera attached or embedded in the screen.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Please restart your device before the visit to reduce any background processes that may slow down your internet connection