Can Varicose Veins Recur Once Removed?

Even with careful treatment and adherence to the treatment regimen at home, you may experience varicose veins recurrence. If there is recurrence it is usually the development of a new varicosity in a previously normal or minimally diseased vein. The majority of veins that are treated with VENEFIT, or sclerotherapy, remain closed. With [...]

What Happens if Varicose Veins are Left Untreated?

If varicose veins are left untreated they may go on to cause increasing degrees of pressure on the skin in their vicinity. This can lead to swelling, skin irritation, skin infection (cellulitis), blister formation and, in the worst case, breakdown of the skin, with development of ulcers. Treatment may be as simple as wearing compression stockings on a regular basis. Dr. Klein encourages you to […]
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    What Can Be Done During Pregnancy To Help Prevent Varicose Veins?

What Can Be Done During Pregnancy To Help Prevent Varicose Veins?

While varicose veins are inherited, varicose veins during pregnancy are very common. The weight of the baby and the enlarged uterus exerted on the large vein returning blood to the heart from the legs (Inferior Vena Cava) may cause the blood to pool in the legs. This can cause the veins in the legs to bulge and to create the appearance of spider veins. [...]

What Is A Cardiologist?

A cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating disorders of the heart.

The training required to become a cardiologist is quite rigorous. Students are required to complete four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school, three years of residency, three years of a fellowship and two additional years if one wants to [...]

My Leg Hurts – Do I Have PAD?

Do you have leg pain? Do you experience cramping in your calves with walking?  Do you have a sore on your lower leg or foot that isn’t healing?  Then you may have PAD and not know it!

Most people are familiar with the signs and symptoms of heart disease. Heart disease’s less-known sibling, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), is hardening [...]

Have I Got a CT Scan for You!

Have you heard about the new Coronary CT Angiography?  This is the most exciting advancement in cardiac imaging to date.  Coronary CT (Compute Tomography) Angiography is an exciting non-invasive technology which can help patients and their doctors to diagnose cardiovascular problems early and comfortably.  Earlier detection leads to earlier treatment.  Earlier treatment usually means “easier” [...]

Know Thy Numbers!

February is American Heart Association Heart Health Month. The main thrust of this year’s AHA campaign is to have individuals focus on “knowing their numbers” so that they can participate in maintaining their heart health.

Do I Need Antibiotics?

From time to time, changes in accepted medical practice occur. Here is an example of such a change. As a cardiologist in Plano TX, many of my patients have valvular heart disease. Frequently the problem is a mild one, either mild narrowing or mild leakage of a valve. While such minor conditions rarely affected peoples’ day to [...]

Putting Heart Attack Patients On Ice To Save Lives In Plano TX

Tracy Kornet
PLANO (CBS 11 / TXA21)CBS News

When someone has a heart attack the first thing medical professionals do is fight to save the heart. But that’s only half the battle. Now a North Texas doctor has created a new system that is giving patients a better chance at regaining their normal lives after nearly losing them. Looking at [...]

Daughter’s Birth Breaks Mom’s Heart – Literally

by JANET ST. JAMESPLANO — Parents often joke that their kids give them a heart attack. But for some new and expectant mothers, it’s no joke.
A North Texas couple is bringing attention to a rare, but known heart complication of pregnancy.
When Kariana Karhu was born in late December, her mother’s heart filled with pride and love. Two [...]